Cast & Crew


Katie - Rily

“Rily Benjamin”    (Katie Schwartz)

Rily is new to LA having just moved here from Brooklyn, NY to train at the UFC gym in hopes of fighting in the newly launched 115lb weight class. She has all the heart and puts in the work to be a champion, but her constant germaphobia and sweet girl ways, are making the process grueling for her.
Rily is feeling the time crunch, because working toward being a  professional athlete and having just had your 25th birthday means that your opponents were not even born in the same decade as you. They have no idea what a  cassette tape is or that Justin Timberlake used to be one of five.
Can Rily learn to live in LA, which is so very different from Brooklyn? Can she lose the 10-15 pounds she needs to cut? Can she tap into her inner bad ass? Can she win a fight before her 26th birthday?

* * * * *

Katie Schwartz is an actress, known for Live with It (2008), High School Gig (2010) and What It Takes (2013). Katie Schwartz is a full-time professional actor, dancer, and singer working in Los Angeles and New York City. With 20 years of experience in the theatre she’s received some of the best training available and just finished filming for Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice (Dec. 2014) with a principal role. Katie is a choreographer, mixed martial artist, and bass player. She is not only the central character of “25 & Counting,” but also the creator, writer, producer, and showrunner.


Rosie - Andie.jpg

“Andie Benjamin”    (Rosie Darch)

Andie is in grad school at UCLA. Even though this is her last year, she is constantly reminded of the fact that she’s older than the majority of other students (undergrads) as she walks the campus and works as an English Department Teaching Assistant for undergrad classes. A poetry major, Andie also free-lances writing poetry and articles for different magazines and newspapers in the LA area—her home since she moved here from Miami, FL at 18.
Andie has totally embraced the LA lifestyle and attitude of parties and beach days being everyday, but it has started to grow monotonous. She is realizing that she want’s more now that she has just turned 25 and hit her Quarter life crisis! She wants a relationship. The kind she can write and publish a book of beautiful poems about. But she is going about finding this love all wrong.

* * * * *

Rosie Darch is a singer & writer with published works of poetry. She also freelances for Miami New Times –a sister paper of L.A. Weekly. Rosie holds a BA in Creative Writing from Florida State University with a minor in Film Studies. She is also a writer and lead character of season 1 of “25 & Counting.”


Nick - Benji.png

“Benjamin F. Benjamin”    (Nick Greene)

Benji is that guy everyone loves. The life of any party he shows up at or hosts on his house boat in Marina Del Rey. He is fit, charming, and good at everything. Sports, music, business, you name it, and he can do it!  Really, he could do anything he wanted. The problem is, he doesn’t want to do anything, except live life, because what more is there than that? Here. Right now. And you know what? Benji just might be on to something.

* * * * *

Nick Greene is known for his work on Machsom (2013), Rough Winds (2009) and Crazy Venice Apartment (2012). Recently, Nick guest starred on the popular TV show, Castle. Nick graduated from University of Florida with a degree in Theatre Performance and International Relations at Tel Aviv University. He is also an avid traveler, screenwriter, and musician.


Ryan - TJ

“TJ the Delivery Guy”    (Ryan Vigilant)

TJ the Delivery Guy is somewhat of an enigma. He [literally] delivers everything you could ever have delivered and has developed a friendship with Andie and Benji, as well as a perfectly strange connection with Rily. Weird and clumsy, silly yet proud of his job, TJ possesses a certain kind of charm that makes his always-smiling face a breath of fresh air following a door bell chime.

* * * * *

Ryan Vigilant is an actor, known for Naked As We Came (2013), Lenox Avenue (2009) andLove, Lies and Seeta (2012).


Will - Zack

“Zack”    (Will Brittain)

Zack is all man with perfect hair. Charming and sexy, but strangely knowledgeable about Project Runway, Zack will sweep you off your feet with a designer broom… And when you start to question his metro-sexual tendencies, he knows just what to do to remind you he’s a man.

* * * * *

Will Brittain is an actor, known for A Teacher (2013), D’Angelico and Big Boy (2011). He can be seen in the new Richard Linklater film Everybody Wants Some (2016), as well as Kong: skull Island with Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson.


Jesse - Tom

“Tom/Captain Morgan/The Undertaker”    (Jesse Pepe)

Tom is your typical frat boy, looking for a party, a football game, and a good time. Unashamed of his kink-factor, Tom knows just how to charm you into bed, or tie you to it if necessary… and how could you not like it? Frat guys are hot.

* * * * *

Jesse Pepe is an actor and writer, known for J Pee: I’m Not Gay (2013), Toeing the Line(2013) and Love Terminator (2012).


Stephen - Homie

“Homie”    (Stephen Simon)

Homie is over-confident and hitting on you… You know that guy in way-too-much Ed Hardy, still trying to pull off a grill, and the stickers still stuck to the inside of cap? That’s him… Stereotypical, flamboyant, and a little too open about his past, Homie is lacking in social etiquette and would love to bring you home to South Central.

* * * * *

Stephen Simon is an actor, known for The Red Room (2015), 25 & Counting (2015) and Social Media Misfits (2013).


Cristian - Ted

“Ted the Barista”    (Cristian Gonzalez)

Ted the Barista is the most upbeat guy you know. Sassy, but with charm, and sometimes, maybe a bit clueless. But always getting your coffee in a jiffy.

* * * * *

Cristian graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in theatre performance. He has recently been seen in many children’s theatre productions here in LA for the Creating Arts Company.


Chey - Pimp

“Pimp”    (Chey Hayes)

Hat. Cane. Coat… The whole deal…

* * * * *

Chey Hayes is an actor, known for Lost In/Terpretation (2013), The Leading Man (2011) and OMG! EMT! (2014).

CREW Season 1:

Screenshot (11)

Akkim Lee    Director

Akkim is currently in the festival circuit for his Short Film What It Takes. The film was written and directed by Lee and also stars 25 & Counting‘s Katie Schwartz as the lead. Akkim is a graduate of Penn State University and a mixed martial artist himself. The film is an official selection at the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival, and the Universal Martial Arts Film Festival.


Sergio - DP

Sergio Crego –    Cinematographer

Sergio is a freelance cinematographer with 10 years experience. He has shot everything from feature films to documentaries, commercials and industrial spots. His films have been featured in festivals and various web outlets. No project is too big for him to tackle and his positive attitude has been consistently cited as a motivation for hard work by his crew.


Kenny - Gaffer

Kenny Armand –    Gaffer/Key Grip

Kenny is a freelance photographer/gaffer with 5 years experience. He specializes in still photography but works closely with Sergio and knows advanced lighting techniques for film and video. Kenny is an active social media photographer who shoots BTS/on set stills, head shots, landscapes and art photography. Kenny’s dependability and work ethic makes him a vital member of the Watts Up team as well as any set he is a part of.


Aaron - AD
Aaron Lee Dowell –    Assistant Director


Tyler - Sound

Tyler David Gilbert –    Sound


Preston - AC

Preston Miles –    Assistant Camera