Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are Katie Schwartz & Rosie Darch, and we have been friends for 20 years! Over the past year we have co-created and co-written a new TV Series called 25 & Counting. The show is all about growing up, but not growing old!

*  *  *  *  *

Katie and Rosie are more than just long-time friends. Katie Schwartz is a full-time professional actor, dancer, and singer working in Los Angeles and New York City. She’s received some of the best training available at The Freeman Studio (NYC), Anthony Meindl’s Actors Workshop (LA), and Upright Citizens Brigade (LA). You can see Katie playing the role of “Kimberly” in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice (Dec. 2014). She is not only a co-writer of 25 & Counting, but also one of its stars! Rosie Darch will also be taking on a lead role in 25 & Counting. Rosie is also a singer and actor, as well as a published poet/author! Rosie’s strong backgro in writing and editing comes from her Creative Writing degree from Florida State University which has one of the top English programs in the country! Recently, she has been free-lancing for the Miami New Times, a sister paper to L.A. Weekly.

Together they have penned an extremely promising, unique, and lovable TV show. Currently, funds are being raised to take the pilot episode (filmed August 2014) to festivals and to networks! They have shot a speculative “spec” pilot last fall with an uncomfortably low budget (haha!), but this is a legitimate venture, and they are so pleased with everyone’s hard work! Rosie and Katie are so appreciative of all of the help and donations thus far, but to get 25 & Counting to that final step, your help is needed! 25 & Counting plans on an exciting festival run as well as pitching to the networks. It can’t be done without the donations of friends, family, and other generous supporters! Rather than just “wish for it,” you have to work to make dreams a reality and this project was created to ensure those dreams! (But not without a little help from all of you!) Every penny helps! Thank you so much for checking out and supporting 25 & Counting.


Katie Schwartz & Rosie Darch
The Creative Team Behind 25 & Counting


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