The log line of my life is, “I’m not creative, just unfortunate.” (But, after watching the show I hope you think that I am both.)

  • Season 1 of “25 & Counting” focuses on two cousins: Rily Benjamin (Katie Schwartz) & Andie Benjamin (Rosie Darch) who have both just turned 25-years-old and are experiencing a Quarter-Life Crisis! All of their friends are getting married & having babies, but they still have big dreams that they have not accomplished yet. How did 25 years pass so fast? What can they do to change their lives before another year passes?

Hilarious events ensue as the two, along with Rily’s brother, Benjamin Benjamin (Nick Greene), try to fulfill their dreams, succeed in work, and date, all throughout the ups & downs of living an unpredictable life in Los Angeles.

  • Allow me to introduced myself. I am Katie Schwartz the imagination behind “25 and Counting.” Along with my friend, I penned the first season of an extremely honest, unique, and lovable web-series, after I had the idea to turn my life’s mis-adventures into a show. Walking home or while sparring, my friend’s would listen to the stories of my day to day and call my life, “Kaite-feld.” “Your life should be a T.V. show,” they would say. So, after hearing that more times than I can count, (because I only have 10 fingers after all) I thought, “You know what? I will do just that!” The first season had a very successful run in the festival circuit, and you can now view all 10 episodes on YouTube.
  • Season 2 is currently in development and a lot of changes are in store. New characters, new plot lines, and hopefully new craft services (I am really pushing for that milkshake maker I had in my trailer on “Inherent Vice.”) The show has now been taken over in it’s entirety by me, so I will be writing and producing the next season Han style. Solo. Star Wars…Anyway…

Thank you for your interest in and support of “25 & Counting.” I can’t wait to share a whole new season of rediculusness and absurdity with you.

Katie Schwartz
Showrunner of “25 & Counting”

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